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Victorian bookcase £1875 and Victorian table and 8 chairs £3200.

20c bronze ballerina/base £875 and Victorian style breakfast table £475.

Types of antique furniture available
Antique Armoires
Antique Cherry Armoires
Antique Brass Beds
Antique Poster Beds
Antique Beds
Antique 4 Poster Beds
Antique Bedroom Furniture
Large 4 Poster Beds
Antique Kingsize Beds
Antique Queensize Beds
Antique Bedside Cabinets
Antique Bedside Cupboards
Antique Pair Bedside Cabinets
Antique Pair Bedside Cupboards
Antique Pot Cupboards
Antique Pair Pot Cupboards
Antique Bookcases
British Antique Reproduction Furniture
Antique Mahogany Bookcases
Antique Style Bookcases
Antique Bookcase
Antique Revolving Bookcases
Reproduction Mahogany Bookcases
Reproduction Walnut Bookcases
Antique Reproduction Bookcases
British Antique Replicas
English Antique Style
Reproduction Furniture
Antique Chairs
Antique Dining Chairs
Antique Set Of 6 Dining Chairs
Antique Set Of 8 Dining Chairs
Antique Set Of 10 Dining Chairs
Antique Mahogany Dining Chairs
Antique Oak Dining Chairs
Antique Style Dining Chairs
Antique French Chairs
Antique Mahogany Chairs
Antique Oak Chairs
Antique French Country Chairs
French Chairs
French Country Chairs
Antique Tables And Chairs
Antique Style Chairs
Antique Reproduction Dining Chairs
Antique Victorian Dining Chairs
Antique French Provincial Furniture
Antique French Provincial Tables
Antique Grandfather Clocks
Antique French Provincial Kitchen Tables
Antique Country Furniture
Antique French Country Furniture
Antique Pine Cupboards
Antique Chest Of Drawers
Antique Mahogany Chest Of Drawers
Antique Pine Chest Of Drawers
Antique Victorian Chest Of Drawers
Antique Chest Drawers
Antique Military Chest
Antique Pine Chest Drawers
Antique Mahogany Chest Of Drawers
Antique Mahogany Chest
Antique Victorian Chest
Antique Leather Chesterfield
Antique Victorian Leather Chesterfield
Antique Oak Coffers
Antique Coffers
Antique Leather Top Desk
Antique Desk
Antique Victorian Desk
Antique Victorian Partners Desk
Antique Mahogany Desks
Antique Oak Desks
Antique Partners Desks
Antique Office Desks
Antique Office Partners Desks
Antique Writing Desks
Antique Pedestal Desks
Antique Style Desks
Antique Reproduction Desks
Antique Leather Sofa
Antique Display Cabinets
Antique Collectors Cabinets
Antique Coin Cabinets
Antique Display Tables
Antique Display Table Cabinet
Antique Washstands
Antique Georgian Washstands
Antique Games Table
Antique Backgammon Games Table
Antique Artist Easels
Antique Easels
Antique Oak Dressers
Antique Dressers
Antique Buffets
Antique French Buffets
Antique Oval Mirrors
Antique Mirrors
Antique Duet Stools
Antique Piano Stools
Antique Music Stools
Antique Stools
Antique Benches
Antique Window Seats
Antique Pedestal
Antique Stands
Antique Plant Stands
Antique Tables
Large Antique Tables
Antique Loo Tables
Antique Dining Tables
Antique Mahogany Dining Tables
Antique Oak Dining Tables
Antique Dinner Tables
Antique Country Dining Tables
Antique Extending Dining Tables
Antique Victorian Dining Tables
Antique Victorian Mahogany Dining Table
Antique Victorian Oak Dining Table
Antique Reproduction Dining Tables
Antique Style Reproduction Dining Tables
British Antique Style Replicas
English Antique Style Replicas
Antique Farmhouse Tables
Antique French Farmhouse Dining Tables
Antique English Farmhouse Dining Tables
Antique French Country Tables
Antique French Provincial Tables
Antique English Country Tables
Antique Pine Tables
Antique Elm Tables
Antique Pine Farmhouse Tables
Antique Pine Country Tables
Antique Pine Kitchen Tables
Antique Farmhouse Table
Antique Oak Country Tables
French Cherry Wood Tables
French Antique Cherry Wood Tables
Oak Antique Tables
Pine Antique Tables
Large Antique Farmhouse Tables
Large Antique Pine Tables
Large Antique Pine Kitchen Tables
Large Antique Pine Farmhouse Tables
Large Antique Oak Farmhouse Tables
Antique French Cherry Wood Farmhouse Tables
Old Farmhouse Tables
Old French Farmhouse Tables
Old Pine Kitchen Tables
Antique Refectory Tables
Antique French Farmhouse Kitchen Table
Antique Rustic Farmhouse Tables
Antique Kitchen Tables
Antique French Cherry Wood Kitchen Tables
Old English Country Tables
Old Farm Tables
Old Farmhouse Tables
Old English Country Kitchen Tables
Old English Country Farmhouse Tables
Antique Farm Kitchen Table
Antique Farm Oak Table
Antique Farm Cherry Table
Antique Farm Cherry Wood Table
Antique Oak Farm Table
Antique Pine Farm Table
Antique Cherry Wood Farm Table
Antique English Tables
Antique French Tables
Antique French Kitchen Tables
French Antique Tables
French Oak Tables
French Kitchen Tables
French Farmhouse Tables
Farmhouse Kitchen Tables
Old French Country Tables
Oak Farmhouse Tables
Antique Farm Tables
Antique Pine Tables
Antique Mahogany Tables
Antique Oak Tables
Antique Plank Tables
Antique Yew Wood Tables
Antique Yew Wood Farmhouse Tables
Antique Yew Wood Kitchen Tables
Antique Plank Top Tables
Antique Plank Top Refectory Tables
Antique Plank Top Farmhouse Tables
Antique Large Victorian Country Tables
Antique Large Country Kitchen Tables
Antique Large Victorian Country Kitchen Tables
Old Plank Top Tables
Old Plank Farmhouse Tables
Large Antique Plank Top Tables
Large Plank Top Table
Large Plank Top Farmhouse Tables
Large Antique Plank Top Farmhouse Tables
Large Antique Refectory Tables
Large Farmhouse Dining Tables
Large Victorian Country Tables
French Country Oak Tables
Antique Elm Country Tables
Antique Elm Farmhouse Tables
Antique Elm Kitchen Tables
Antique Yew Wood Country Tables
Antique Gateleg Tables
Antique Oak Gateleg Table
Antique Side Tables
Antique Victorian Side Tables
Antique Georgian Side Tables
Antique Occasional Side Tables
Antique Victorian Occasional Tables
Antique Occasional Tables
Antique Nest Of Tables
Antique Nest Of Four Tables
Antique Nest Of Three Tables
Antique Nest Of Regency Tables
Antique Nest Of Victorian Tables
Antique Nest Of Mahogany Tables
Antique Nest Of Rosewood Tables
Georgian Nest Of Tables
Victorian Nest Of Tables
Victorian Writing Table
Victorian Mahogany Writing Table
Antique Writing Tables
Antique Leather Top Writing Tables
Antique Mahogany Writing Table
Antique Roll Top Desk
Antique Oak Roll Top Desk
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